Our Team

Our dedicated and very experienced core team has worked for years in an academic/research, life science industry, and vendor environment; often in an international environment. We graduated in biochemistry, clinical chemistry, drug metabolism, health psychology, human nutrition, medical biology, medical sciences, medicine, microbiology, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical medicine, psychopharmacology and toxicology.

Ongoing education

We strive to provide the best quality to our clients. An important element in our success is a company-wide policy of continuing professional education for all team members that is supported by keeping abreast of the latest key publications, by attendance at meetings and congresses, and by collecting and sharing the newest ethical, clinical, and regulatory developments (GCP, ICH, GPP, CONSORT) in our field.

This ongoing education is supported by our active membership of several professional organisations such as the Dutch Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine (NVFG), the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), the International Society of Publication Professionals (ISMPP), and the International Publication Planning Association (TIPPA).